Demonstration and talk at St Albans country fair 1st July 2018

It was a sweltering hot day and in the middle of the FIFA World Cup so numbers at the fair were lower than the previous fair, however, many people were enticed inside by the aromas and shade.

Sonal demonstrating a popular dish
Cooking demo at St Albans country fair


Demo and talk at Coton Village Hall on the 30th June 2018

Sonal presented a demonstration of Indian-Italian fusion cooking at Coton Village Hall in aid of fundraising for the nursery. The first dish she made was an Indian Italian source using lentils and pineapple avoiding cheese and sugar. The second dish was pilav rice with cashews and red pepper.

Sonal recruits a little helper to make the second dish
When Sonal asked the audience if anyone wanted to come up and have a go at making the second dish, the adults were a little hesitant. However, this little girl was so enthusiastic and came up to have a go (with careful supervision, of course).
The village hall is filled to capacity
Cashew rice and chunks of naan bread
Finally, everyone has a chance to taste the dishes
It seems you are never too young to be an aspiring cook

Love Food Day at Burwash Manor on the 10th February 2018

We were invited to exhibit at a 'love food event' at Burwash Manor, near Cambridge, and as we are now a food registered business we cooked Pav Bhaji, a very popular Indian street food. One couple who came back from India recently, and could smell it from outside, came in and immediately ordered a plate of Pav Bhaji as it reminded them of their trip to Juhu beach in Mumbai. 

One of our neighbours came along with their parents. He has been making a lot of the dishes from my book and apparently he made a paneer dish on boxing day and regularly makes chapatis. 

People loved the Indian Street food, we have been experimenting with an electric multi-functional pressure cooker, it cooked a very tasty Khichdi in just 12 minutes recently, here we are just using the keep warm setting.

We also met very interesting people, like Kamal selling amazing pomegranate based sauces:

Kamal came all the way from Bristol to promote his very tasty sauces which could be a great accompaniment to some of my dishes.

Taster day at Country Kitchen 7th October 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the taster session at Country Kitchen in Haslingfield.

It was a very interesting day. Everyone seemed to have loved the Pav Bhaji taste.(page 121-122 in the book)

I also brought steamed mut'hia made from Dudhi (Indian vegetable, light green colour available in Indian shop and super markets). The Dudhi is grated and mixed with different flours, Indian spices then steamed, and finally stir-fried. People who tried this, said they loved this one too.

Next time we can do a demo for another popular recipe from the book. Please email me if you have any questions.