Hi Sonal,

A rather belated thank you for Saturday night! We all had a lovely evening- everyone who I’ve seen since has commented on the delicious food and lovely evening they had.

Thank you so much for demonstrating for us ! I really enjoyed it and will definitely be cooking some of the recipes you did.

Thank you again


Love the way spice up your life unfolds timeless recipes through a new lens with a romantic thread throughout. Superb experience to be had and a great read.

Sonal is such a talented and creative cook. Dinner at the Abram's is always a highlight, and now that I've bought the book I can make some of my favourites like chole and pav bhaji at home!
~Laura, North East

This is more about the soup/pasta/leftover sections but they all seem to be really healthy, cheap and quick to make so would be good for students but are still really different than the usual 'student' recipes you find on the internet
 Plus the sections on the front detailing why it's healthy rather than just putting the healthy label on things without any justification

I've been cooking with my friend Sonal for about 25 years now. It started when Sonal brought delicious home made samosas to work. We all wanted to know how she made them, so she set up her Indian cookery course at the local school. We had great fun cooking, laughing and eating together. I have very happy memories of those days and I still cook some of those recipes, but now have lots of new ones to try thanks to Sonal's new book.